this is what i feel . really need alone now


i thought you are my love . i thought you are my everything right now . the last person i'd love . i believed it was you . i was smiling only for you .i thought it was happiness . i believed in your love . but all is lie . your love is entire lie . this love make me cry . you captured my heart . and took away my love . i wanted to be loved by someone . and love this person .  this person was you .  as an idiot i believe in it . that is was love is lie . i hope that you will came to me . even you hugely hurt . and that you made me sad . i will only wait for you . but all is lie . everything is lie . you dont know who me . even you had looked me before that . and i believe , you doesnt remember me couse im only 3 weeks there :'(

i try to forget and erase , i know this is not me . im aqmar jusof . will never lost about love and about "ala-ala kim hyun jung"

i told myself a lie thinking that person will not come to me . he is not my destiny .

really want to be like them . oh aqmar ! just forget it . nonsense 

p/s : i should not be your cute stalker ( bajet ahh sangat ) . couse i  stalk your fb last yesterday . this is really hard . unfair . ohh "ala-ala kim hyun jung" i like you and i like your eyes . forget him :(

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